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If you wish to buy a yacht, wishing is not enough: you must think where you are going to station it? A Pier or a dock can be built from wood or concrete, but the easiest way out is the pontoon.

A pontoon is a variety of water crafts that do not have their own motor or other means of movement and only serves for auxiliary purposes.

A Pontoon can be made from different materials that are capable of floating, including plastic, wood, and even metal: barrels filled with air are capable of carrying a lot of weight.

Pontoons are used in place of docks, bridges and gangways, different platforms. Its main advantage is a quick system of deployment. Just attach a pontoon to the shore and there you have your berth.

So, before purchasing a yacht, think about where you would be able to leave it while being on shore. A Pontoon is the ideal alternative for river and sea docks. You can easily remove it and install it in any other place.

Our yacht broker will gladly assist you in making the right choice of pontoon for your yacht.

Pontoon Boats for Sale

Atlantic Yacht and Ship, Inc., can help you locate new or pre-owned pontoon boats for sale. If you are looking to sell your own pontoon boat, we can also assist you with finding the right buyer for your boat.

Pontoons are floatation devices that are able to support their own weight along with an attached load of some sort. Pontoon boats rely on pontoons to float and can be used for many things such as pleasure boating or fishing and are often less expensive to purchase than other types of boats or yachts.

Whether you need help with financing, insurance, or negotiating the purchase or sell price of a pontoon boat, trawler, fishing boat, mega yacht, or other marine vessel, we have the experience to help you find the boat you need and will take the stress out of the process.

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