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Say you’re going to buy a yacht and you prefer motor to the sail. In this case, buying a ‘motor tender’ will be a good decision. This term means a small speed boat, with a flat bottom, low draught and light displacement.

The peak of its popularity happened during the WWII, when this type of vessel was used to transport goods and troops. Its capacity was a load of up to 30 tons or a couple dozen soldiers.

The biggest advantage of the motor tender is mooring to the unprepared shore. Thanks to the flat bottom and light displacement, it is hard to run aground and very easy to drag ashore. There’s also no problem transporting it around, all you need is to use a trailer big enough for it to fit on.

In terms of handling and sea going features, this type of boat is close to a pleasure cruiser. It is a small, comfortable and agile watercraft that is perfect for small trips and leisure voyages in calm weather.

The tender is ideal in times when there’s no wind, nor waves and situations when you come across areas with shallow waters. It is the best way to travel in fresh waters.

If you intend on buying such a yacht, you should consult with a yacht broker – he can advise you on the best model for your needs.

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