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A walkaround yacht is a kind of fishing boat. Such yachts have a small size and as opposed to the rest of other fishing boat types have an enclosed cabin. It is located in the bow part of the yacht, under the deck level, so the owner can climb up to the bow from the cabin. A

walkaround is very well adapted for Russia’s or Canada’s severe climates. These yachts are also very popular in northern countries. The cabin allows the owner to take cover from bad weather, without compromising the voyage or fishing trip.

As many other fishing yacht types, a walkaround has a relatively small engine, capable of gaining an average speed and are very easy to handle.

Its dimensions are not grand and the yacht can be moored to any small make-shift pier.

The yachts are suitable not only for the seafront realty owners. It can also be used in fresh water: rivers or lakes, for pleasure and fishing. You can take it down to the shore for a couple of days without having to make camp on land.

If this is your first yacht you’re going to own, it is a great choice. Compact size, easy handling, fairly powerful engine and separate cabin - these are the features that any beginner would love to have.

Walkaround Boats

If you are looking for walkaround boats for sale, Atlantic Yacht and Ship, Inc., has many new and pre-owned brands to choose from including, VanDutch, Scopinich, Whiticar, Wally, Cayman Yachts, Jupiter, Intrepid, and more. We will help you with the entire sales process from beginning to end whether you are looking to purchase or sell a walkaround boat. We have access to and are partnered with both international and domestic sellers and manufacturers of walkaround boats, yachts and many other types of luxury marine vessels.

Having been in business since 1959 as a leader in yacht and ship sales, we will help you find the best walkaround boat to suit your needs. As our client, we will support you in every aspect of the process from negotiating the right sales or purchase price, obtaining financing, to locating the best dock or storage space for your yacht or walkaround boat.

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