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A Schooner is a classic sail yacht equipped with fore-and-aft rigs and having two or more masts. It is a traditional type of sail watercraft in Europe, which is not popular nowadays, but has a lot of advantages over other types.

Particularly, schooners are able to reach high speed during side wind, capable of going at acute angles to the wind, have simpler rigged sails as opposed to the square rig vessels.

In the past centuries, the schooners were the fastest and most convenient ships. They required smaller crews, and sailors didn’t have to climb the masts to set or lower the sails - all of the operation was done directly from the deck.

Nowadays, two or three people is quite enough to run the modern schooners. And the smaller ones can even be operated by one pilot.

Schooners of today are not considered to be the best yacht to sail. There are a lot of other vessels with more comfortable handling, higher stability and faster movement, but most of it is due to modern technology and electronics. Schooners that are not modernly equipped are still capable to perform quite well.

If you would like to have a yacht that looks like a sail ship from the old times, schooner is your choice.

At Atlantic Yacht and Ship, we have a collection of luxury Schooner sailboats for sale that include new and preowned classic models from these brands and more: Maguro, Italian Blue Shipyard, Grani LTD, Reinke, Alden, Hodgdon Brothers Boatworks and more.

Schooner Sailboats for Sale

Schooners are reminiscent of the big sailing ships you might see in a “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie. These vessels were used in the sixteenth or seventeenth century by the Dutch. The name Schooner was derived from the Dutch “Schoener”. Around the eighteenth century they were further developed in North America and came into extensive use in England.

The most common type of Schooner has two masts. The two-mast Schooner was popular in trades requiring windward ability and speed and were popular on both sides of the Atlantic in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

If you are looking to purchase or sell a Schooner, Atlantic Yacht and Ship, Inc., is the best choice for you. We are fully bonded and licensed yacht brokers that have worked with yacht connoisseurs from all over the world for more than fifty years and counting. When it comes to Schooner Sailboats for Sale, you may be dealing with a buyer or seller overseas, which is why working with a broker like Atlantic Yacht puts you at an advantage. We work with and have strong partnerships with large-scale yacht and sail boat manufacturers from all over the world and we provide additional services such as assistance with legal support, financing, the hiring of crewmembers, spare parts delivery and more.

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