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Buying a new (to you) vessel is exciting and we are happy that you chose us to help get you on the water! Used yachts are a great option to get you going in the direction of your choice. Most used yachts are put up for sale by captains that have upgraded after taking a long look at their needs and desires in a ship.

There are a few things to consider when you are considering purchasing a used yacht, and we do our best to give you all of the details up front. First, spend time researching your options for your price range and needs. Vessels vary considerably because they have the ability to be customized. Some are more for leisure, and others are built for speed. Some have a lot of room and were built with comfort in mind; others just simply get the job done.

The shape and size of the yacht you choose will correlate with the amount of fuel and the top speeds of the vessel. There are yachts built for long voyages that are designed differently than those built for day cruising. You will need to determine what type of boat is best for you by thinking about what kind of adventures you will be going on.

As with all used items, the condition of the yacht should be considered when making your purchase. Maybe you want a ship that you can put right on the water and start your voyage immediately. Or, perhaps you are looking for something that has the potential to be fixed up to suit your tastes and specific traveling needs. The fixer-upper option allows for memories and history to be built right into the boat. It truly is a way to make it your own.

Consider your finances as well. You may find the boat of your dreams and be ready to sign on the dotted line to make it yours, but you have to think through the cost of upkeep and the cost of revamping it to meet your requirements. Make sure it is truly what you want for years to come. It is a long term commintment!

Whatever you are looking for, I am sure that we will be able to help and get you on the water in less time than you think! We are professionals and we are determined to get you what you need.

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