All the waters of the world are waiting for you

What’s special about yacht chartering?

  • You won’t lose your connection with the world. All vessels are equipped with the necessary communication systems and gadgets (Wi-Fi, satellite service, video conferencing, etc.) so you can run your business easily while the family is resting.
  • Comfortable living conditions created specifically for you. No need to book hotel rooms or pack and unpack luggage at each destination, everything and everyone is moving together. Everything you need is on board the yacht and thanks to unobtrusive service you feel uninhibited.
  • Enjoy the freedom of navigating your course to your liking. Stay in a port longer or cruise to neighboring islands, it’s totally your choice.
  • Travel out of winter into summer! If you’re tired of cold winds and slippery, snowy streets, go to the sunny Caribbean, hot Seychelles or warm Bahamas. Or, travel out of summer and into winter; enjoy a change of scenery by travelling to Norway with its deep and scenic fjords or to Alaska all covered with ice.
  • You can create a flexible life schedule. Just tell the crew your suitable time for meals and activities and everything will be ready.

That’s the major goal of a yacht vacation – to let you enjoy all the pleasures of freedom, exploring new places, tasting delicious food, and observing unique landscapes.



What could be better than watching the sun rise or set on the horizon, where the sea and the sky are one? Or feeling a light breeze kiss your skin? Or lying on a beach without a care in the world? Or sharing the joy of building sand castles and swimming in the warm water with your kids?

Everything imaginable is possible aboard your yacht. It can be a pirate-style dinner party consisting of game cooked over an open fire, fresh vegetables, and rum followed by a quest of “Hunting Captain Flint’s Treasures” or simply a family picnic on a private white sand beach with water toys and games.

The yachts are equipped according to the most stringent requirements: there’s a gym, a lavish spa, and a movie theatre. You can arrange to be taken to the yacht by helicopter so you don’t waste a single minute of your vacation. The crew is ready to pamper you; they know all of your preferences and have stocked the pantry with your favorite food and beverages.

The journey will exceed your expectations. All of your dreams of a perfect vacation with your family may come true if you take a personalized yacht charter around the globe. Leave the dullness of everyday routine behind and discover a world of joy and relaxation.

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