Be free in your choice

Follow your captain’s advice if you want to have an amazing journey. Open your mind to new ideas. Apart from popular and well-known destinations like the Caribbean, Bermuda, and Sardinia, there are a variety of destinations that will surely please even the most well-travelled passenger. What about visiting the Pacific Northwest for its unique charm? Or, perhaps, New England? If you are looking for new experiences and memories, study all the alternatives the charter broker recommends. Remember that you are the only limit to fulfilling your wishes when every corner of the world is available to you on your personalized yacht charter vacation.


In order to create the ultimate in yacht charter vacationing, consider the following:

  • What kind of trip you are going to have: a romantic holiday just for two, a family vacation with kids, a joyful trip with friends, or a business mixer.
  • The number of people you will have on board.
  • Will your private staff be travelling with you?
  • How many beds and separate cabins you need.

If you tell the broker this information in advance, it will be easier and quicker to find a suitable yacht for you. If the number of passengers exceeds 12, we will find a SOLAS class yacht. Tell your broker if you need cabins for passengers not considered guests, such as you secretary, personal assistant, nurse, or trainer. Some yachts offer a planned space to accommodate such passengers.



Let us know your preferences so we can be sure to equip the private yacht with the required toys. There is a wide variety of toys available including diving gear, snorkeling and fishing equipment, windsurfers, wave runners, jet skis, water slides, sailing dinghies, and Sea Doos. The number of toys is limited by the dimensions of the vessel. Some yachts are large enough to have a car or helicopter on board and almost every yacht has facilities for scuba diving. A yacht charter gives you a great opportunity to study diving if you are a freshman or to improve your skills if you already have some experience. Your captain will take you to the most wondrous and drenched dive locales where you can admire the undersea world and watch colorful fish swarm in crystal water. Just tell us your wishes and we will make sure that all the necessary toys are aboard the yacht. There is no chance that your vacation will be boring.

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