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British Columbia offers its guests both a wide variety of amusements and untouched nature so it’s no wonder that it attracts tourists from all over the world. The best way to get to the Gulf Islands is on your charter yacht. Those who like to study people’s lives in different parts of the world will find it interesting to visit the seaside towns full of unsophisticated charm. Art lovers can enjoy going to numerous galleries. There are plenty of activities for sport lovers: biking, kayaking, hiking, yacht sailing, etc. Gourmets have an excellent opportunity to taste fish that local fishermen catch as your chef will prepare for you the most superb cuisine. If you like amazing shows, buy a ticket to a dance or musical performance that will no doubt impress you. The national parks of British Columbia are most remarkable and picturesque. Take a break from the urban routine and monotonous city sights and look at the unique tidal pools and take pictures that will remind you of those happy times years later.

Being an oasis of wild nature, the Gulf Islands are not too far from civilization; it doesn’t take long to get there from Vancouver. The Pacific Northwest is very popular among charterers and many of them return there again and again to explore the places they had no time to visit during their previous trip. On your charter yacht, you are sure to see as many of them as possible while feeling quite free in your choice.

British Columbia

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Travel program

Day 1Vancouver to Gibsons, Sunshine Coast

Your trip starts in Vancouver where you’ll anchor your yacht at the Coal Harbour Marina. After going ashore, you’ll immediately find yourself in a world isolated from civilization even though you’re on the mainland, two hours from the city. What will you see there? Fine small cottages surrounded by tall cedars, sunlit sandy beaches, and peaceful landscapes. Many artists prefer to live here and, as good judges of beauty, their choice is a trustworthy one.

Day 2Silva Bay Marina

All shades of blue and green – small islands scattered inadvertently by some giant in the sea – that’s what you will see while going from Gibsons to the Gabriola Island where Silva Bay is located. You can stroll leisurely along the shore and dine at cozy pubs and restaurants. The local people are very friendly and ready to share their favorite places to visit with you. It’s a serene paradise for those who want a quiet holiday.

Day 3Galiano Island’s Montague Harbour

Continue your journey to the delightful and lovely Galiano Islands and moor in Montague Harbour. Its waters are abundant with shellfish and salmon, providing the opportunity to indulge in mouth-watering fresh seafood. Summer is the most popular and sought after time to visit, but nature lovers and adventurers gather here all year round. It’s a worthwhile trip to visit the rock ledge in the northwest part of Gray Peninsula as here you’ll get to gaze across thousand-year-old glaciers. This spectacular sight will keep you mesmerized every moment of the visit.

Day 4Nanaimo

It’s a great place for those who wouldn’t like to lose touch with civilization and the benefits it gives us. Modern shopping centers, museums and galleries, and five-star restaurants offering gourmet meals are concentrated on the island, but that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to do for nature lovers here. Urban life coexists peacefully with unspoiled nature so you can spend all day in wildlife and then have a great dinner in a luxury restaurant before returning on board your yacht.

Day 5Salt Spring Island’s Ganges Harbour

You will have a real adventure hiking in the wild forests of Salt Spring Island. The place is also famous for wellness and healing professionals and original culture. Citizens are very hospitable and friendly. The landscape is most diverse – meadows adjoin thick woods while deep bluish lakes lie at the foot of mountains. Observe the beauty from the deck or go ashore and immerse yourself in a relaxing and quiet atmosphere. The day spent on the island is guaranteed to be unforgettable.

Day 6Victoria

The capital of British Columbia, situated on the southern edge of Vancouver Island, is the last point of your journey. It offers you a wide variety of entertainment such as museums, shows, festivals, and concerts; or maybe you would enjoy your day shopping. It’s comfortable to enter the Port of Victoria on a yacht because the harbor is part of the city, but before you reach it you’ll pass the Gulf Islands and see the most incredible views. Your trip is over and you are surely another person than the one that stepped aboard a week ago. Your experiences and memories will stay with you and, of course, you will have a lot of stories to tell.
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