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Do you want to have a great experience visiting a beautiful paradise? We offer a yacht charter to Thailand – the Land of Smiles, called so because of all the people there that are extremely friendly, so soon you’ll smile too as you’re plunged into the loving atmosphere of this remarkable country.

Thailand is a world of vivid colors, unimaginable tastes, great miracles, and mysterious beauty and its marvelous sights are sure to hit your fancy. Temples made of pure gold, perfect astonishing beaches, busy markets, water buffalos feeding in rice fields, monk wearing saffron robes – you’ll be able to see it all.

You can land in Phuket or Bangkok and then move to the starting point where your yacht will be waiting for you. We offer to begin your exploration of Thailand by visiting Phang Nga Bay. Examine its limestone islands ascending to the sky like bizarre skyscrapers; some of them have hidden lagoons, others are hollow, and you’ll be able to kayak into a picturesque grotto. There are usually a lot of tourists in Thailand itself, but the islands in Phang Nga Bay (there are more than 120) are quiet and peaceful.

Visiting Ko Rok Nok you’ll have the chance to see great monitor lizards, make an appearance at a village where real sea gypsies live, and taste dishes with ingredients that are caught straight from the sea. We recommend you to remember these words: “kor mai phet” (they mean “please, not very spicy).

Unforgettable emotions, sandy beaches, original cuisine, special massages – all this is in Thailand.


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Travel program

Day 1Phuket to Phang Nga Bay

The greatest yacht harbors are situated in the east part of Phukey, like the Ao Po Grand Marina. Visiting Phang Nga Bay, you’ll be astonished with the sight of islands ascending into the sky and disappearing far away. You’ll be able to recover from your jet lag in a spa tub on the deck.

Day 2Exploration of Phang Nga Bay

Visit Ko Tapu, often called “James Bond Island” because it’s the place were Agent 007 coped with “The Man with the Golden Gun”. Then move to Koh Pan Yi where you’ll see a unique village on stilts and taste the local cuisine: mee krob (sweet sauce and noodles) or goong sou-sa (great prawns with spicy pepper sauce).

Day 3Phang Nga Bay to Krabi

Hongs – hollow rock islands – are waiting for you. Visit the famous Emerald Cave not far from Krabi and become sunburnt on its beach with white sand, admiring the greenish light from the outlet above. Ancient Railay beach might also interest you. The nightlife is pulsing through Ao Nang Bay where you’ll find restaurants and malls.

Day 4Krabi to Ko Lanta Yai

Some more spectacular beaches, plus the best places to snorkel and dive, are situated in Ko Lanta – a national park that’s far from civilization. Ko Rok Nok is nearby and you’ll never forget seeing these beautiful reefs abundant in colorful fish and great monitor lizards.

Day 5Ko Lanta Yai to Phi Phi Islands

You’ll be able to see Maya beach – the place where Leonardo DiCaprio starred in “The Beach”. You can practice snorkeling and diving or your captain can organize entertainment just for you. Don’t forget to visit the fire show at Carlito’s Beach Bar.

Day 6Phi Phi Islands to Ko Racha

If you dream about underwater activities like snorkeling and diving, visit Yai and Noi. Swimming in pure water, watching coral jungles, jet skiing, or admiring coconut forests and water buffalos – isn’t it pleasant? In addition, you can have meals at the five-star Racha Resort.

Day 7Ko Racha to Phuket

There are several small islands near Phuket worth exploring and we recommend visiting Khai Nok. There, you’ll be able to feed lots of fish crowding around you in the crystal-clear water. If you have time, travel a little more around Thailand and see statues of Buddha made of gold and enjoy the fascinating scenery of this country.
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