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What makes the British Virgin Islands so popular among charterers from all over the world? Here, everybody will find entertainment to suit their taste. Those who are fond of sports and games will be impressed by the exceptional places for diving, snorkeling, and playing with water toys. If shopping is your sport and parties and nightlife are your game, welcome to the city with resorts that offer a wide variety of amusements, as well as spas and massages. If you have dreamt of a relaxing and quiet getaway, comfortable empty beaches and brilliant waters are waiting for you. It’s impossible to see and try everything the BVI offers within a week, so every time your return here on your luxury yacht charter, you’ll discover new exciting things and places.

Your journey will be interesting and relaxing. Visiting the Baths is a must! Pools and caverns created by randomly scattered boulders make this place very picturesque and it’s easy to find undisturbed beaches where you can spend the whole day in idleness. Some spots are so striking, such as Norman Island’s caves and the Rhone wreck, that they inspired writers and producers to create famous artworks, like Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island and the film “The Deep”. You also have a chance to watch a regatta while you’re here. Enjoy treatments offered by luxury resorts and drop into bars to taste exotic cocktails. A vacation spent on the British Virgin Islands will be unforgettable, but when you return again you’ll discover plenty of sights and amusements still not explored.

The British Virgin Islands

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Travel program

Day 1Beef Island to Norman Island

Your luxury yacht will be waiting for you not far from the airport, therefore, your ground transportation must be arranged. Would you like to freshen up after the flight by taking a dip in the warm and clear waters? Ask your captain to stop at The Indians and while on Norman Island drop into Willy T, a bar that offers exceptional drinks. Your journey has started well, hasn’t it?

Day 2Normal Island to Scrub Island

Look for Captain Flint’s gold doubloons in the caves and, even if you don’t find any, it will be a great adventure. Salt Island is the home of the Rhone wreck, so do some diving or snorkeling and then have lunch on board. After all this adventure, you’ll surely feel hungry and ready for a rest. Maybe now it’s time to relax at one of the best Caribbean resorts and get some spa treatments.

Day 3Scrub Island to North Sound

Go to Virgin Gorda to see the famous Baths and take your camera as you see unique landscapes and swim accompanied by shoals of colorful fish. The best place for having lunch is a restaurant at the Top of the Baths. While eating, you can enjoy the view of the Sir Francis Drake Channel that sheltered pirates in the 17th century. After having a rest, participate in the watersports offered at the Bitter End Yacht Club and then visit Saba Rock and have a drink in a small and cozy pub.

Day 4North Sound to Anegada

Among volcanic islands, there is a coral one called Anegada and today it welcomes you. The Horseshoe Reef that surrounds it is spectacular and offers the best conditions for swimming and diving. The beaches seem endless, so there will be no problem finding a place where you can relax undisturbed and the fishing on the salt flats is marvelous. A lobster cooked by your chef for dinner, a fantastic sunset, and a tropical beverage, what more could you ask for?

Day 5 Anegada to Oil Nut Bay

Did you know that the famous Italian Yacht Club Costa Smeralda has an outpost in the British Virgin Islands? Your yacht will moor right there. Visit Oil Nut Bay Resort and have a relaxing day where you’ll watch the seascape while being indulged in a spa treatment, enjoying the moment.

Day 6Oil Nut Bay to Jost Van Dyke

Begin your day with an early picnic under the tall palms on Sandy Cay, then visit Jost Van Dyke where the Foxy’s Taboo offers a variety of entertainment all year round. At the Soggy Dollar bar, taste a Painkiller – the recipe is kept secret, so don’t miss this chance. Return to your comfortable luxury yacht after this busy day and spend the evening sitting in a lounger or soaking in a Jacuzzi.

Day 7Jost Van Dyke to Beef Island

This is the last day of your charter and there’s still so much to see! Breakfast can be served al fresco while your yacht is sailing to Beef Island, though maybe you’ll prefer a beach on Green Cay? Leave time to dive at Mercurius Rock as this is a real paradise for divers. The next stop is Soper’s Hole on Tortola where the shopping is great and restaurants offer delicious dishes. Perhaps you’re already planning your next charter to the British Virgin Islands, but now it’s time to leave this hospitable place.

Yachts available to charter in this region

Excellence V Rates from: €495,000 per week (+ expenses) 60M / 196' 10" / Quests12 / Cabin7 / Crew15
Axioma Rates from: €490,000 per week (+ expenses) 72M / 236’ 3” / Quests12 / Cabin6 / Crew20
Leander Rates from: $490,000 per week (+ expenses) 75M / 246' 1" / Quests12 / Cabin10 / Crew26
Double Down Rates from: $455,000 per week (+ expenses) 65M / 213' 3" / Quests12 / Cabin9 / Crew18
Mary-Jean II Rates from: €310,000 per week (+ expenses) 61.7M / 202’ 5” / Quests12 / Cabin7 / Crew16
Diamond A Rates from: €270,000 per week (+ expenses) 57.3M / 188' / Quests12 / Cabin9 / Crew15
Aquavita Rates from: $295,000 per week (+ expenses) 49.99M / 164' / Quests12 / Cabin6 / Crew11
Lady Sara Rates from: $250,000 per week (+ expenses) 57M / 187' / Quests12 / Cabin6 / Crew13
Broadwater Rates from: $185,000 per week (+ expenses) 49.68M / 163' / Quests10 / Cabin5 / Crew11
Party Girl Rates from: $169,000 per week (+ expenses) 44.5M / 146' / Quests12 / Cabin6 / Crew9
Excellence Rates from: $145,000 per week (+ expenses) 45.2M / 150' / Quests10 / Cabin5 / Crew9
Big Eagle Rates from: $140,000 per week (+ expenses) 52.4M / 172' / Quests12 / Cabin6 / Crew10
W Rates from: $140,000 per week (+ expenses) 40M / 131' 2" / Quests10 / Cabin5 / Crew7
Far Niente Rates from: $130,000 per week (+ expenses) 39.6M / 130' / Quests10 / Cabin5 / Crew7
Seven Sins Rates from: $125,000 per week (+ expenses) 43.8M / 143' 8" / Quests10 / Cabin5 / Crew8
Octopussy Rates from: $125,000 per week (+ expenses) 43.59M / 143' / Quests12 / Cabin5 / Crew7
Rena Rates from: $105,000 per week (+ expenses) 44.2M / 145' / Quests10 / Cabin5 / Crew8
Lady J Rates from: $99,000 per week (+ expenses) 43.3M / 142' / Quests12 / Cabin5 / Crew9
Sweet Escape Rates from: $95,000 per week (+ expenses) 39.6M / 130' / Quests10 / Cabin5 / Crew8
L’Albatros Rates from: €75,000 per week (+ expenses) 43.6M / 143' / Quests12 / Cabin6 / Crew8
Milk & Honey Rates from: $85,000 per week (+ expenses) 38.1M / 125' / Quests10 / Cabin5 / Crew7
Camarina Royale off the market 35M / 115' / Quests10 / Cabin5 / Crew6
Sunshine Rates from: $75,000 per week (+ expenses) 37.8M / 124' / Quests12 / Cabin5 / Crew7
Brunello Rates from: $75,000 per week (+ expenses) 35M / 115' / Quests8 / Cabin4 / Crew6
Siete Rates from: $75,000 per week (+ expenses) 35M / 115' / Quests9 / Cabin5 / Crew6
Tail Lights Rates from: $65,000 per week (+ expenses) 35.36M / 116' / Quests10 / Cabin5 / Crew5
Andiamo! Rates from: $55,000 per week (+ expenses) 32M / 105' / Quests10 / Cabin5 / Crew4
Where’s Waldo Rates from: $55,000 per week (+ expenses) 30.5M / 100' 2" / Quests8 / Cabin4 / Crew4
Crescendo Rates from: $49,500 per week (+ expenses) 30.48M / 100' / Quests8 / Cabin4 / Crew4
Lady Sharon Gale Rates from: $42,000 per week (+ expenses) 34.1M / 112' / Quests8 / Cabin4 / Crew4
Sixty Six Rates from: $36,000 per week (+ expenses) 26.51M / 87' / Quests8 / Cabin4 / Crew4
Emmaline Rates from: $32,000 per week (+ expenses) 32.33M / 106' 1" / Quests6 / Cabin3 / Crew4
T-Zero Rates from: $29,500 per week (+ expenses) 27.43M / 90' / Quests6 / Cabin3 / Crew3
The Pearl Rates from: $28,000 per week (+ expenses) 24.38M / 80' / Quests6 / Cabin3 / Crew2
Skip’N Bou Rates from: $28,000 per week (+ expenses) 24M / 78' 9" / Quests6 / Cabin3 / Crew3
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