Barcelona International Boat Show

In the middle of the fall when the loud rumble on the Catalan beaches abates and coastal hotels of Spain become empty something special starts in Barcelona. To the two thousand years Old Port yachts, boats and huge cruiser vessels start to arrive… Very soon horizon simply disappears.

Barcelona International Boat Show that is the real holiday for yachtsmen and those dreaming of the sea begins. This holiday often coincides with the day of the Virgin Merce that is very respected in Barcelona. Perhaps it is not a coincidence that organizers took risks having chosen this date. And this risk was paid off.

Firstly, a boat show attracts attention of more than two hundred manufacturers. Not only the companies that are somehow connected with construction or arrangement of yachts, but the real shipyards that present not a single boat. There are comparatively few novelties, but it appears to be quite enough.

Secondly, enormous number of the audience comes to the festival. Dozens of thousands of people come, fly, sail here from all over the world, some come with their own yachts. It was promoted also by a convenient positioning of the show as there are enough yachtsmen in Mediterranean Sea.

The audience of this boat show is unusual. Yes, it not the largest festival, but the organizers were never bothered by the number of visitors. Unlike the American shows where the vast majority of the audience are the representatives of middle class that would like to purchase an inexpensive and modern yacht for cruising and fishing. Barcelona International Boat Show pulls together the people passionate with the sea, dreaming of the travel around the world and keen on shipbuilding. All six days of the show one can hear specific terms, stories about sea and fishing, councils from experienced sailors and questions from the beginners.

However, being the beginner is irreproachable here. Why going to a boat show if you do not want to immerse to the world of yachting?

And there will be no problems with immersion: you can find a lot of professionals and fans who cannot imagine their life without sailing. You can participate in conferences and seminars, entertainment program, hundreds of promotions, and of course the most beautiful, big, modern and, on the contrary, historical yachts.

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