BC Boat & Sportsmen’s Show/BC Hunting Show

During three days in the first half of March the hunting, fishing, water sports and yachts amateurs may come to the large scale festival in Abbotsford. Here, close to the Canadian border BC Boat & Sportsmen’s Show/BC Hunting Show takes place. The show welcomes thousands of visitors and almost three hundred of exhibitors.

Every festival of this type is a real invention in the world of active sports. Despite being on the distance form the sea, this town can suggest strikingly large scale projects of yachts and motorboats. Some of them can be dedicated for sea journeys, others will be perfectly suitable for cruising in internal waters.

Hunters and fishermen will get special attention here. And we are not talking only about exhibits that make amateurs of such a munition with nature happy by presenting newest hunting equipment available on the market. Organizers take entertainment of this visitors serious and do not forget to invite experts and professionals for seminars and master classes.

BC Boat & Sportsmen’s Show/BC Hunting Show will allow you to rest, look at novelties and premiers, share your experience and learn new skills from more experienced colleagues. Yo can make some useful shopping as well.

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