Belgian Boat Show

If you are choosing which yacht festival you have to visit first and have a little idea of where to go, Belgian Boat Show will be the best option for you. Organizers claim that this is a starting point for everyone who is interested in active tourism on the sea and not only.

There are two reasons for this.

The first one is that this show is very affordable. You do not have to fly across the ocean if you live in Europe Europe, or to try to get to China, Australia or Singapore. All you need is a Schengen visa and one or two days on the bus and you will find yourself in Gent, at one of the most interesting boat shows.

You will see an incredible amount of exhibits and expositions. The central place is given to  the yachts, motorboats, boats inclusive foldable and inflatable. New models of  catamarans and trimarans are exposed here. One can also find speed boats and cruise boats. Additionally there are equipment and accessories, inclusive cloths and security systems, sportive inventory for the water sport (for example, surf boards) and many other useful things.

Not only manufacturers visit the exhibitions. Yacht brokers, representatives from government, touristic companies, owners of piers are coming here. Visiting a Belgian boat show will be useful for everyone: for a professional yachtsman as well as for someone who has never stepped on the deck of the yacht.

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