Bucharest International Boat Show

Traditionally in the beginning of March the yachtsmen and the manufacturers of yachts are coming to Romania. Bucharest International Boat Show is considered as one of the most useful for exhibitors as well as for the visitors. As the country was in the Soviet part of Europe and had certain economical difficulties in 90-s the «age» of this show is rather small. But one should not underestimate the importance of the event for Romanian manufacturers as well as for companies form the other countries – neighboring as well as those that are located at the other part of the world. Thousands of people come to Bucharest at the time of the exhibition: hundreds of them are professionals, hundreds just try to increase their level at the multiple meetings and conferences.

At the boat show as well as at the other yacht exhibitions motor and sail boats of various type, size and created for the different purposes are presented. Predominantly exhibits represent personal (private) vehicles. This feature should be the main attractant for the visitors.

Visiting Bucharest International Boat Show is a great idea. You can treat yourself with some rest from your job and from your family without going too far. You have to book your place in advance as besides the boat show itself you would have to take care of hotel and train or plane tickets. You can take the whole family over. Even if your partner does not share your passion to boats, she would definitely enjoy walking through the streets of old Bucharest.

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