Cannes International Boat & Yacht Show

Traditions has to be honored.

Cannes was the most beloved town of the Russian aristocracy in the end of XIX century. It was also a lifeboat for those aristocrats thinking in the storm of revolution later. Then this town attracted an attention of Russian filmmakers, and in the beginning of XXI century it became a yacht mecca.

Red carpet awaits you not only at the Cannes Biennale but also at Cannes International Boat & Yacht Show as organizers adopted this tradition and decorate pedestrian walkways at the promenades and piers in this traditional for the town way.

Traditionally any event that is taking place in Cannes can attract a lot of attention, afterwards becomes international and competes for the honor to become the largest. Organizers claim this festival as the largest yacht show in Europe. Actually, there are some larger shows, but for sure there is no other show being that famous. Cannes International Boat & Yacht Show deserved its fame not so long ago – only in 2000s when the exhibition became international.

The same love to traditions made this show one of the most beloved among Russians. You can here Russian speech on every corner here way before you would here a word of English. In 2007-2008 you could have heard Russian songs as often as French.

Cannes International Boat & Yacht Show held from 1977. In 2017 another anniversary is going to happen. Organizers promise to prepare it thoroughly. During all these years of operation show expanded, became more interesting and very well recognized all over the world. Nowadays it attracts probably the same attention as the show in Monaco. But the extent of the exhibition in Monaco seems to be miserable in comparison with boat show in Cannes. In 2008 visitors had a unique opportunity to see 600 yachts. 230 boats out of these 600 were more than 20 meters long. By 2015 the number of exhibits only increased: today the audience can see more than 800 yachts of every size and type. The special attention is attracted to the chic cruising yachts. All the exhibits are placed along pierces and pontoons of the cumulative length of 5 kilometers.

Does the size matter? It is a tricky question. One thing is indisputable: here you can not only see yachts, make a profitable deal or to exchange experience in a professional atmosphere, but also relax, try traditional French cuisine, enjoy the sea and the flavor of this resort.

One comes to Cannes not only to see the yachts, but also to show oneself and to find valuable networking opportunities. Unlike Monaco, Cannes attract the people of action, those who is ready to buy a yacht and is willing to do it in the atmosphere of comfort, who is not willing to get a broker assistance and does not want to spend time on the flights to see one or two models. Just imagine: hundreds of yachts at one place. You can find any vehicle you need starting from a super boat of striking size to miniature sailboats. Any exhibit can be purchased.

Vanity fair? No, a yacht fair. That is the most suitable characteristic of Cannes International Boat & Yacht Show. Organizers and exhibitors can suggest something special to potential customers. One can buy a yacht at almost any show, but not a lot of shows suggest you an opportunity to try it before you pay. Feeling yourself a captain is unforgettable experience that only Cannes International Boat & Yacht Show can offer you. Most probably this feature made this festival so popular: more than a half of the guests close the deal here.

Traditionally boat show in Cannes takes place in the very beginning of the peak season, the first half of September. It takes 5 days. Take a week off and come to this show. You will not regret about this decision!

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