Central Ontario Boat Show & Sale

«To buy and to shop» is a goal of many people coming to the festival in Hamilton. On the US board, in Ontario, on the coast of lake Ontario this show takes place yearly. Central Ontario Boat Show & Sale is one is one of the major events in the Canadian yacht industry.

It is not by chance that this place was chosen. First of all, lake Ontario itself is very suitable for exhibition because it allows organizers not to limit themselves to closed venues and artificial waters. Yachts can be exhibited on the lake as well. Second of all, the southern part of Canada is a pleasant place to have vacation. Even in the beginning in March. Thirdly, the proximity to the US border allows Americans not to waste too much time for the travel.

Hundreds of companies (not only American, but form all over the world) will present their production at the festival. Here you can not only see the novelties, but also make an order or a purchase. The exhibition format allows you to do so.

To find a perfect, exclusive boat is not easy as you have to go around many places wasting your time and money. At Central Ontario Boat Show & Sale you will not have to choose for a very long time: best offers  of the year are concentrated at this festival.

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