China (Shanghai) International Boat Show

China with its ancient history and traditions of ship craftsmanship and navigation is not concentrated at its culture and traditional technologies, but masters the modern market. It also starts its own large-scale international exhibitions that can compete with the oldest yacht festivals.

One of this festival is China (Shanghai) International Boat Show. Show is taking place for more than twenty years. This is not that long for the yacht festival, but it is a huge period for an Asian event of that type. Show was organized for the first time in 1996, and ever since it is a yearly event that attracts more and more guests. For the 20th anniversary participants from more than 50 countries are going to come.

Traditionally the exhibition takes place in Shanghai Expo Center. Here boats, yachts, equipment, tourist accessories, boats for the extremal tourism and many other things are presented. The international status of this show is well-deserved: despite many Chinese manufacturers presented here, every country can count on the spacious venue and enormous attention from the organizers and audience.

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