China Xiamen International Boat Show

China conquers the markets and competes with the USA, at least in its part of the world. And China manages it perfectly. Yacht world is not an exception. Of course, there are shipyards, inclusive ancient, originating in an era of great geographical discoveries, but for a long time there was no single boat show. They began to be carried out relatively recently, and by the number of participants and luxury boats can compete with the largest festivals.

One of these events is the China Xiamen International Boat Show (CXIBS). Show takes place at the beginning of November. For three days at the island of Xianmen in the gulf Wuyuanwan attracts hundreds of ship-building, serving, industrial, insurance, tourist companies and hundreds of thousands of visitors. This boat show is not backward and even not regional: people come here from all over the world.

CXIBS occupies 50 thousand square meters divided into two venues. This venue accommodates hundreds of yachts, both small fishing boats, and huge yachts that look alike liners.

Audience is one of the show sights. Perhaps only in Miami or West Palm Beach you will be able to see the audience that is so diverse in their income, society position, and occupation. One can also meet not that wealthy representatives of the middle class that is only arising in China and which takes roots from Europe, and the Asian nouveau riches who are looking for luxurious yachts for themselves, and simply romantics who are in love with the sea.

CXIBS  is a very young festival, but it is already compared with the largest American boat show. Everything that can inspire the audience can be found here.

It is worth your attention!

As it is appeared, “the Chinese show” as somebody calls this festival, is interesting not only for Asian manufacturers. The leading and world renown manufacturers releasing yachts under the brands Beneteau, Absolute, Jeanneau and dozens of others.

CXIBS is not only the boat show. It is more likely a luxury-show that promotes magnificent lifestyle, and the yacht is an attribute of this lifestyle. Expensive cars, private planes, projects of houses, luxury goods are presented here. People come to this show to choose and order the best yacht and to plunge into the world of wealth, luxury, big money as here it is not forbidden to flush the money.

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