Dubai International Boat Show

When we speak about Dubai, we imagine exclusive hotels, cars for which luxury actually seem s to be poor, artificial islands and … of course, magnificent mega yachts. If you come here in the beginning of March to look at the most expensive personal boats in the world, you won’t feel disappointed.

Dubai International Boat Show is not the largest yacht festival. But it is the undisputed leader in the world of super yachts. At this event you won’t see many exclusive, huge, magnificent boats. And it is not surprising.

Dubai International Marine Club is the organizer of the show, the largest sea club of Dubai. It is not the only event that takes place in this club. Races and regattas take place regularly with the participation of experienced yachtsmen from all around the world.

Every year the quantity of boats in Mina Seyahi, small and quite harbor near the artificial archipelago, grows. In 2014 people from 50 countries arrived here from all over the world, and the number of mega-yachts exceeded two dozens. Many of those are manufactured exclusively for the citizens of the United Arab Emirates, or in the Emirates.

People come to this boat show not only to make a purchase though, of course, this cannot be excluded and is even welcomed, but to have an opportunity to look at yachts and to join, at least temporarily, this luxury world. Luxury where mahogany finishing looks cheap.

There are a lot of yachtsmen who can judge about the quality of luxury boats. Regular tourists are also coming to the show.

Dubai International Boat Show is a vanity fair, where anyone can expose their boat. Here you can  bargain for a yacht as well.

Members of the club take organization of the show seriously, equal attention is payed to both participants and corporate visitors that are somehow connected with yacht business. The show is interesting for both yachtsmen and regular tourists who look for new impressions. Even if you happened to be at the largest festivals before, Dubai is worth visiting as it guarantees you the best impressions possible. Each show organized here has «a highlight» for everyone. Hundreds of millions dollars are spent to simply please the audience. And it is worth paying a tribute to these efforts: this festival is really interesting. It is interesting, perhaps, to anybody who would like to see the most expensive yachts in the world.

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