Eurasia Boat Show

Eight and a half thousand kilometers of the coast is the good reason to start your own yacht show. Actually, Turkey has way more reasons for this. The main goal is to help developing amateur sailing and therefore promote professional sailing. Another goal is two establish a solid network of contacts and export destinations of home-produced vehicles. Turkey has a lot to show at the relatively young boat show Eurasia.

The company «Positive Fuarcılık» became one of the organizers of the show. Being supported by the international community this event reached exceptionally good results. Sailing and motor boats, speed and cruise ships, equipment and materials for yacht building, engines and electronic systems, cloths and accessories are presented at this event. You cannot count all the exhibits.

Boat show is located at 120 square meters area and the quantity of visitors exceeds 500. The quantity of visitors now is way higher than 175 thousands, and all of them can easily find a place to stay at one of the multiple Turkish hotels.

If you want to discover Turkey do come here in the middle of February. You can combine the visit to the show with the excursion in Istanbul, exciting night life and having vacation in the warm South country, where sun shines all year long.

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