Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show is one of the largest yacht exhibitions in the world. It is carried out in the first days off November in Fort Lauderdale (Florida) yearly. Representatives of most manufacturers in the world come here. More than 1500 companies present to attention of the audience novelties in the world of motor and sailing yachts annually. The cumulative cost of the production presented here exceeds 3 billion dollars, and it is only taking into account yachts, equipment and accessories of exhibitors.

FLIBS is considered to be the most renown exhibition. The southern Florida annually attracts attention of the whole world: people come here from other states of the USA, Europe, Asia, Australia. And Fort Lauderdale became the capital of the yacht industry: even outside of the exhibition in the city everything is devoted to navigation and tourist business. Finding hotel here would not be difficult.

At Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS) millions of admirers, and tens of thousands of yachting fans arrive here to see super yachts, boats, sailing vehicles created this year. Many of them will become happy owners of these yachts.

It is difficult to allocate one direction prevailing at this exhibition: on show it is possible to find practically any vehicle affordable to the ordinary buyer. It not only small motor yachts that are very popular in the USA, but also magnificent mega yachts, and small sailing vessels, fishing boats, and catamarans.

FLIBS is one of the oldest exhibitions in the world. Since 1976 it is carried out in Florida, occupying the huge venue of about 3 million square foots. Almost every year this area is gradually expanded, and the number of participants and visitors increases. The territory of an exhibition is divided into six pavilions, each of which is devoted to certain kinds of boats.
Ginn sur Mer company is organizing the show. Association of the sea industry of the Southern Florida contributes to the event as well.

On FLIBS you will be able to see:

  1. Boats of all types: from magnificent yachts to light small-capacity boats, from motorized vessels to canoes;
    2. Engines, electronics and various systems for yachts and boats;
    3. Accessories and equipment.

Show lasts five days. During this time it is not so simple to manage seeing each exhibit. However, you can find what you are interested in effortlessly: venue is divided into thematic sites. Convenient navigation and the thought-over ways of pass will help you to understand quickly where is what.

Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show gives opportunity to any manufacturer somehow connected with the yacht industry to show the production to consumers and potential partners. Deals of the century are made at the show, you can choose and buy the yacht here: all at once or after a while after contacting the manufacturer directly. Large contracts are also signed here. But a commercial and advertising component is not the only and predominating. First of all FLIBS is an entertaining show with the program that gives opportunity to have a perfect rest, see the last novelties of the yacht industry and of course to communicate on “sailing” subjects. This exhibition gives a complete idea of recent trends in yacht craftsmanship.

You can come here by feet or with your own yacht: in Fort Lauderdale you will settle with convenience anyway. It is possible to come to show with children for whom organizers suggest some discounts, but the pets (dogs, first of all) will have to stay at home or in hotel.

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