Fredericksburg Boat Show and Water Lifestyle Expo

What is 10 years for the festival? If you will compare that to the largest boat shows in the world that is not a long period of time. But any young festival is like a breath of fresh air. Organizes of Fredericksburg Boat Show and Water Lifestyle Expo targeted fame and audience in the very hot season for the boat shows, in the end of January, and they succeed.

The name of the show itself tells a lot about its extend and focus. This show is for those who cannot live without sea and who is in love with water activities and prefers to spend every summer aboard with the rod or at the oceanic shore.

By the beginning of the festival people start to arrive to Fredericksburg. Most of them are not yachtsmen, but those who are passionate about idea to buy their own boat and start sailing on their own. They can often reach this goal at the show. You can find everything you need here: jet-skis for this who loves speed and drive, fishing boats with all the appliances, cruise yachts with comfortable living space.

Lifestyle on the water, on the sea – that is what is presented on this show. Here you can not only choose and buy a boat but also learn everything about sea travel, yacht maintenance, basic cruising and many other interesting topics.

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