Goteborg Boat Show

Does it make sense to organize a nine-days long boat show in the midst winter (beginning of February) on the North sea shore? Why isn’t it better to schedule this event for summer? Organizers of Goteborg Boat Show took that risk and won the big prize. Festival became famous and became one of the most visited shows in Scandinavia as well.

Thanks to the rich program and efforts of organizers this exhibition became international a long time ago. Well-known European, Asian and American manufacturers like to visit this show. Boats and yachts of any type and size are presented and sold here. Entertainment takes a special place at this show as its goal is to attract young people to yachting.

The main type of the boats presented in Goteborg is motorboat. Traditionally those of premium and luxury class get more attention. Every year the best of the best in their class get prizes at this show traditionally. These boats are chosen and tested by experts.

Young people are attracted by special exhibits as well. Here you can find diving equipment, water ski and windsurfing. Fishing gear is presented there as well.

Goteborg Boat Show is a great place to visit. If you own your own yacht, you prefer tough weather conditions and you would like to meet people that share your interests, you should definitely visit Goteborg.

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