Grand Pavois de la Rochelle

In the latter half of September on the Atlantic coast in La Rochelle a unique exhibition focusing on multi-nozzle boats takes place. Trimarans and catamarans are at the very heart of the exhibition, but there are more marine items presented there. The owner of such a special boat may be interested in novelties in the areas of shipbuilding technologies and navigation equipment, design, and even fashion.

More than a hundred thousand square meters yearly is fulfilled with exhibitions of leading French, Ger-man, British, American, Chinese producers and companies from more than 30 countries. More than 300 vehicles are placed on water: yachts, motorboats, boats, that are fitted with engines and sails, with two or several corpus, cruising, racing and recreational vessels.

Grand Pavois de la Rochelle is the place where people that are in love with catamarans meet. Here you can find unusual «flip-flops», practical vessels and legendary boats.

Despite the specificity of the exhibition it became famous and internationally recognized. By 2002 the quantity of visitors reached 100 000. You can become one of this visitors next year.

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