Grand Rapids Boat Show

There is a tradition in western Michigan. Yearly new boats, motorboats, yachts, pontoons that are not yet released to the market and are very new to the customers are presented in the center of Grand Rapids. Here at one of the biggest boat show in the United States they will be presented to the broad audience in the second part of February.

Grand Rapids Boat Show has a very extensive history as this show is more than 70 years old. Today it attracts about hundred of manufacturers and even more various companies that are involved in related activities. Yachting brokers, owners of charter boats and organizers of the charters, representatives of the retailers and owners of piers also come here and find people interested in their services and clients, of course.

The show lasts 5 days. During this time it is difficult to see all the boats, all the equipment and other exhibits. The exhibition has more than 300 types of floating vehicles! But it is definitely worth trying.

ShowSpan is proud of its history and traditions of the festival. This company organizes the show, and it does it the best way possible. It will be interesting for the beginner, experienced yachtsman and a professional. Members of business community will not leave disappointed as well.

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