Hamburg International Boat Show Hanseboot

The North Sea and the northern lifestyle is how one can characterize an essence of this exhibition. This is how the slogan sounds as well.

Hamburg International Boat Show Hanseboot takes place on the seashore, in the delta of Elba. Traditionally the boat show is located at the Hamburg Messe pavilions where the best manufacturers show their production.

The Baltic accent is felt everywhere: in design of pavilions, in the program that is aimed first of all to serious audience, and in the contents. More than 20 countries participate in the exhibition (it is difficult to call Hanseboot a festival or a show as the word «festival» tells more about entertaining). Hundreds of companies and thousands of visitors come here annually.

Organizers of an exhibition which that is more than 50 years old treat event policy seriously. Thoughtful approach to a choice of strategy and direction allows to achieve success every year.

Hanseboot doesn’t follow traditions, doesn’t pursue fashion, doesn’t seek to strike the viewer’s attention with mega yachts or an exact copy of Hollywood “Flying Dutchman”. There is no inch of a “show” that you can get enough of in the west of Atlantic here. Of course, Hamburg International Boat Show offer boats of different types annually, and among the boats approved in the program you can find a sailing yacht with the wooden case. Nevertheless, each exhibition has accurately verified directions. So on the 13th year of the exhibition existence everything is targeted to attract beginners that do not have a license, skills and do not want to plunge into the yacht world. The viewer will see daysailers – light and small boats for one-day sails that do not require any license. Another time it is possible to see boats cyclopean by their sizes, sailboats or exclusive central console yachts.

The attention at the Hanseboot show is paid not only to shipbuilders. Manufacturers present their expositions of accessories, electronics, engines and other equipment, developers of innovative materials and covers, and even fashion houses presenting cloths for water sports. It is possible to see stands of the charter companies, insurers, schools and many other organizations somehow connected with yachts and yachtsmen here.

Hamburg International Boat Show is an exhibition sustained in typically northern, Baltic style. Perhaps a date choice is also caused by this (as even the beginning of November is relatively cold in the north of Germany).

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