Istanbul International Boat Show

The history of Turkey as a EU member state and a typical European country is not that extensive. One cannot actually cal Turkey European country as oriental traditions and religion have a very strong impact on people’s lives here. But this does not stop Turks to invade the European economy and… life. We are not talking exclusively about tourism as people in Turkey pay special attention to yachting as well. The largest show in Eastern Mediterranean takes place here.

Istanbul International Boat Show is more than 30 years old which is a very mature age for a yacht show. A lot of things happened in this period of time. Not only the formate and the size of the exhibition have changed but also he market itself. Thanks to this show Turkish yacht manufacturers obtained their reputation and fame. Istanbul International Boat Show traditionally presents several hundreds of yachts, hundreds of equipment and accessories items for the yacht owners. Tens of thousands of guests appear at the exhibition. Among them not only yachting amateurs and aces, but also ship craftsmen and regular tourists that were dreaming to see the show.

If you would try to find information about the show on the internet you may be misled with several versions of the date and venue of the show. Can one exhibition – Istanbul International Boat Show – take its place in several venues at the different time?

Yes, of course! This point was proved by organizers that took a simple and elegant decision – they divided show in two parts.

The first one takes place in spring (April-May period) at the Golden Horn, historical centre of Istanbul. One can see here old and relatively old yachts. Some are very affordable to any yachtsmen, others are playing a role of historical attraction.

The second part of the show takes place in fall, in Pendik – a town that is situated very close to Istambul. The best old exhibits as well as all the novelties of the year are transported here to Marinturk marina. The yachtsman that wants to purchase new and chic vehicle should definitely come here.

Turkish officials are very attentive and careful in everything concerning Istanbul International Boat Show organization as it became very important for the local manufacturers. It is necessary to mention that officials reinforce that trust completely satisfying all the needs of the potential customers and making them happy. Audience can find chic boats of high quality that are interesting from inside as well as from outside. This show is international: that means that one can see yachts of the famous European, American and Asian brands. Nevertheless the base and the chord of the exhibitions is formed from the Turkish yachts and boats. They can be easily recognized as being decorated with a lot of wood (feature that is very typical for the Turkey). Wood is in general used here way more often than in Europe and America. If the American boat has wooden enclosures that most probably means that this vehicle is from the luxury collection, while you can find wooden details on Turkish boats of moderate price. Manufacturers here like to make wooden ship’s hulls and use a special way to treat it. The hull is painted only until the waterline. This allows to mention a damage or decay immediately.

Istanbul International Boat Show is slightly similar to Chinese shows. Everybody comes there from all over the region to look at the large amount of yachts. There is a delightful ambience that makes everyone forget about crisis and problems. You can easily find an affordable yacht of high quality here. The technical characteristics of such a boa can be very similar to those of European and American boats. Independent of when you decided to visit Istanbul International Boat Show – in spring or in fall – you will not be disappointed.

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