Korea International Boat Show

The sea industry of Asia always knew how to please, and there are other large players on this market except China. One of them is South Korea. Here not only yachts are produced and technologies are created, the boat show that attracts thousands of people from all over the region and the world takes place here.

Korea International Boat Show is in top-3 of the Asian international yacht festivals. The history of this boat show tis not that extensive: for the first time it was carried out in 2008. Since then a lot of things changed: a venue, a character of an exhibition, and its scale. Every year show gathers bigger audiences.

The exhibition takes place annually in the end of May or in the first half of June. For three-four days novelties are presented, conferences and seminars are held, displays are organized in the international exhibition center Kintex in South Korea. This draws attention of professionals of the yacht industry and fans of the sea journeys to the country.

The scale of the show

Korea International Boat Show occupies 22,5 thousands square meters. This square accommodates about three hundred expositions from South Korean, Asian and world ship craftsman, companies-manufacturers of the equipment, accessories and details of the boats. Representatives of more than 30 countries participate every year in an exhibition. Among them there are both exhibitors and the audience.

Goals of the boat show

Purposes of Korea International Boat Show are not different from many other yacht exhibitions. The exhibition do not seek to expose the most magnificent yachts as in Dubai or to make typically American «show». The aim of the festival is first of all to exchange experience and establish communication between manufacturers and consumers. Contracts are signed here, orders and purchases are made, novelties of yachts are presented. This is a place to meet  professionals and people who are seriously involved in yachting.

It is more specific an professional than popular and simple. This Korean boat show differs from both Chinese and American.

Key directions

Korea International Boat Show allows the visitor to estimate new yachts and boats – big and small, to look at trailers, pontoons, water skis, rowboats, canoes, boards for equipment and equipment for diving. Fishing tackles are presented here as well both sportive and professional.

The special place is dedicated to exhibiting various equipment and accessories, design projects of interiors and exteriors of boats, technical solutions for manufacturers and owners of yachts.

No doubts that the Korean show will be interesting for an experienced yachtsman.

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