Miami International Boat Show

You can come from a February blizzard under the hot sun of Florida without any special reason. But there is a special occasion as here, in Miami, in the middle of February the most large-scale, the most fantastic and interesting boat show in the world takes place.

Miami International Boat Show is a rather big event not only for the American seafarers: people come here from all over the world to see the novelties, to estimate the last technologies, to enjoy the design of super yachts and, of course, to exchange experience in yachting.

Recently, show show expanded to three platforms at a time. Two of them are in the center of Miami, and the third is in Miami Beach. However, the localization of show can change as everything depends on the program and number of exhibitors. And there are really a lot of them.

Exhibition accommodates more than two thousand participants from the large companies showing new models of yachts and boats to the handymen that create almost handmade boats and bring their “treasures” here. Besides 3000 yachts, motorboats and boats that find a place at the show’s venue, one can see a huge amount of systems, equipment, and accessories here.

For those who dream about the sea

Book your tickets, rent a room in a hotel, and come or sail on your charter boat to Miami where you will be able to steep to the world of yachting!

Miami International Boat Show is the first show that should be visited if you are going to buy the yacht. Here you will see boats of the type that you like in person, estimate their sizes,  understand how various types of boats are different, and how the real cruise, sports or fishing yacht looks like.

Perhaps, it is here where you will make the main purchase of your life: this exhibition is created not simply for experience exchange but also for making deals, taking orders, and establishing connections with manufacturers that will allow to design an exclusive yacht in close collaboration.

You don’t need to call the broker every time, to come to the pierce with the yacht, to spend time and money searching for the best as at Miami International Boat Show you will be able to go aboard of any boat and to choose your lucky yacht within one or two days!

For those who made their dream come true

If you have already bought a yacht and went on several cruises Miami International Boat Show is one of places that should be visited in the first place. Start your engine, straighten sails and start your journey!

Here on the east coast of America that is not far from the paradise islands of Bahamas you will find dozens of thousands of adherents, thousands of yachts, and perhaps as much unique ideas for modernization of your boat awaiting for you.

Miami International Boat Show is not simply an exhibition. You will hardly be able to just look through exhibits and to discuss advantages and shortcomings of the next novelty of “Atlantic Yachts» pretending an expert. Even the experienced person who is in love in the sea will find more interesting things to do. The lucky ones who own the reflex cameras will be able to participate in competition of the yacht photo, professionals will succeed by all means tutoring   an audience in the conference room, and the fans of hunting the real shark with a rod will learn a lot at the fishing master class.

Manufacturers can fit surprisingly well in such an intense program. Presentations and exhibits are countless. Eighty countries annually send their representatives to Miami, and everyone tries to show his best. Do you know so many brands?

Miami International Boat Show is a truly American show in the purely American style. And it was created for Americans as about 80% of the audience and participants are those who don’t need to cross the ocean to plunge into the atmosphere of a holiday. But to be fair, this event remains the one of the most significant boat show in the world.

What did the organizers of the Miami International boat show do right?

Organizers of The Yacht & Brokerage Show in Miami Beach has proved that it is worth to carry out a boat show in February. In their opinion this time that is not so hot and humid it is possible to receive the closest attention from the yachtsmen and all those who only takes the first step on the way to the sea. There is nothing to be surprised about as annually the experts of Show Management, that is the largest and the most successful organizer of the show in the world, bring people together in Miami Beach. You will not be disappointed trusting them as hundreds of the manufacturers have not been disappointed already.

Every year about 3000 super yachts, motorboats, and boats of every type, appointment, and size are presented at the exhibition in Miami Beach. The equipment with the cumulative cost of about one billion dollars is presented at the show. And this was counted without taking an account the equipment, accessories, and “sea” clothes.

The Yacht & Brokerage Show is different from the other American boat show that aim primarily to present technical and design novelties or new yachts. Here you will find a huge number of vehicles that have already been in use, and therefore are on sale at lower prices.

This place is worth visiting if you plan to buy the yacht from the broker but you don’t want to spend time searching for the best option. Here you will be able to come aboard of each boat you like, and to try it out before signing documents. You will spend the minimum of your time (not more than five days) on a festival visit, and you will get an excellent opportunity to have some rest, to communicate with interesting people and to choose the best boat.

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