Monaco International Yacht Show

This yachting show became international immediately. This is not surprising as independent of how high the level of life is in the kingdom, there are not too much boat owner there. For the first time Monaco International Yacht Show took place 25 years ago and since then the show attracts attention of million of the people yearly. Unfortunately, only few can participate in the show and even fewer have possibility to show their «treasure» to the public.

In one of the smallest countries in the world this one of the largest shows in the world dedicated to the mega yachts takes place yearly. This is the main feature that makes Monaco International Yacht Show different from any other show – no single small yacht or boat is present here. No place neither figurative no literally. Traditionally show takes place in the Hercules marina (port) that is does not have large square footage. This marina can fit only 100 yachts generally. In case one or two of them are huge than even less. On the other hand every boat is unique and strikes your imagination with its size, design and features.

Monaco International Yacht Show has several faces, and which one of them you would see when you come depends only on you.

The first «face» will make professionals and enthusiasts of yachting extremely happy. You can find here designers, engineers, official representatives of the biggest shipyards from all over the world, yacht brokers, suppliers of equipment, representatives of the companies that perform maintenance and service of the boats. Novelties will be presented by the Dutch, the British, the French and of course the Italian manufacturers. Almost every owner of a young company is dreaming to exhibit his production here. People come here to share their experience, tell about their practices and present unique concepts in the world of yachting.

To visit the show and to exhibit your boat at Monaco International Yacht Show is not just an honor; this is the best way to get a reputation of luxury yachts manufacturer as well as to attract attention of the most powerful people in the world. Creating and supporting your image is a pleasant bonus.

For those who love yachting Monaco International Yacht Show is the best way to see the most expensive yachts from all over the world all in one place. There is no more than 100 yachts but each of them deserves your special attention. None of them would look alike, each can strike imagination and inspire an experienced yachtsman as well as a beginner.

The second «face» of Monaco International Yacht Show is secular society. There is no other show like this in the world of yachting that will attract so much high-society as this exhibition in Monaco in September. Famous entrepreneurs, businessmen, politicians, movie and music stars come here. You can easily spot a royal family member.

Freddy Mercury’s famous «Show must go on!» can become a hymn of show in Monaco as it does not stop even for a minute. For four days exhibitors tell about their yachts, equipment, services, designers and engineers exchange their experience and set master classes, and the bohemian visitors socialize with each other. Secular receptions and parties take place at night, but even in the darkness guests do not want to leave the exhibition.

During its 25 years of operation this show changed a lot, but the main thing stayed unchanged – exhibitors and exhibits are screened very carefully. Every year here you can see the yachts like no other. Monaco International Yacht Show is the only show in the world where only mega yachts are presented. You will not see a single ship that is less than 25 meters long. Rumors has it that in 2015 the length of the yachts will reach 90 meters.

More and more people are coming to Monaco. There are spectators and yachting professionals among them. A total of 33 thousand people attended the show in the year 2014. All these people easily fitted in 650 square meters exhibition area.

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