Moscow Boat Show

Russia cannot boast a large number of yacht festivals, but some of the boat show are carried out here after all. One of them takes place in Moscow in the first half of March. In the exhibition center “Expo Crocus” representatives of dozens of producers, both domestic and foreign, the companies connected with the yachting world, professionals and fans gather.

Moscow boat was established recently, and it is still very young. Nevertheless it draws the attention of the leading shipbuilders. “Bavaria Yakhts”, Prestige Yachts, Gibbs Sports Amphibians, “Boat House” and many other companies are among them. Every year expositions extends.

The boat show in Moscow has a special value for the Russian manufacturers that can exhibit their production for the potential clients and business partners. In 2015, for example, the novelties were presented by Evolution Motors, “Paritet”, “Navmarin”, “Rumaran”. In general boats, pontoons, equipment and accessories are presented.

Suppliers of accessories and equipment, clothes, spare parts and knots, insurers and companies that are engaged in repair and construction of small boats, tour operators and firms organizing charter cruises present themselves and their services in the exhibition center annually. At the Moscow boat show domestic tourism, cruises on rivers along with other directions is actively promoted.

The professionals and serious clients are the target audience of the boat show in Moscow. Meetings, conferences, and round tables are hold as a part of the show. You can participate in a master class. The reports are made by experts, representatives of shipyards, experts in yachting. The subjects associated with tendencies and problems that can arise in yachting development and decision-making in this area.

Presentations are an integral part of an exhibition. Not only boats and yachts, but also large projects connected in any way with yachting, whether there are new festivals in Moscow and Russia, marines and the centers of yachting, are represented.

Of course, the bot show in Moscow doesn’t bring together one hundred thousands people, but it and it isn’t necessary for organizers: here come not for the sake of “show”, a choice and purchase of the boat. In “the Expo Crocus” true professionals of yachting gather to exchange experience and to give joint support to development of the sphere of yacht business in Russia.

Of course the boat show in Moscow doesn’t bring together hundreds of thousands of people, but there are not only organizers who need this. People come here not only to see the show, to choose and purchase the boat. In «Crocus Expo” yachting professionals gather to exchange experience and to bring their own impact into development of yachting business in Russia.

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