National Safe Boating Week

National Safe Boating Week is the major event not only of yacht craftsmen and yachtsmen, but also for experts in the field of safety and an security on the water – in fresh-water reservoirs and in the sea. This  show has already become traditional and attracts world renown experts and doesn’t need to be introduced.

The event is national, but it doesn’t mean that foreign experts and the audience are not allowed to participate. On the contrary, organizers are very interested in newcomers, new ideas and new experts.

Week of safety on water can become another name of this event. It is for sure not the boat show and not a fair that are so widespread in the USA. This exhibition is very informative, and has a sated program (despite its duration) and welcomes a lot of participants. Safety subjects are discussed here, new technologies are presented, tests are carried out.

If it comes to voyages, the problem of safety is particularly acute nowadays. The main goal of National Safe Boating Week is to achieve the maximum results in protection from any risks. And it is especially actual in anticipation of summer.

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