New Orleans RV & Camping Show

In New Orleans, not so far from the Mexican gulf a new event dedicated to the active tourism will take place for three days in March.

New Orleans RV & Camping Show is not a boat show. Boats and yachts are not the center of attention here, but it does not mean that that yachtsmen and shipyards will not be interested in participating in this festival. Vice versa. Owners of the boats and those who want to go to the sea can not only choose a yacht, but also get a full access to the touristic equipment and accessories. You can find sportive goods, inventory for games on the land and on the sea, touristic trailers and trucks, autohouses here – everything that can make a yachtsman life of the water better. New Orleans RV & Camping Show will provide shipyards with a large audience that will help them to find new clientele.

The exhibition is visited by tourists, hunters, fisherman – those who like active tourism, and who could have been a yachtsman or an owner of a small boat for river cruises. It is an open air show that attracts dozens of thousands of people regularly. You should definitely participate.

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