Norwegian Internationall Boat Show

Norwegian Internationall Boat Show is one of the most large-scale, interesting, and original shows in the world. In the middle of March thousands of people from Europe, Asia, America to Norway to visit the exhibition that is the largest in the region.

Here you can find everything for leisure activities and sport at the sea. Its history has over 60 years of history. The doors were opened for visitors for the first time in 1956. But only 11 years later show began to be carried out annually. Each year the scale of the event is increases and the interest of the yachtsmen in this show increases as well.

In Norwegian this show is called «Sea for all» and it discovers the idea  of the show completely. Unlike the festivals that are targeted mainly to the professionals or simply experienced yachtsmen, and unlike the official exhibitions that are bringing together only experts, this show will be useful and is informative for any person.

Even if you have never been out to sea, but you dream of your own yacht even if you live far from the coast, but in your city there is a reservoir or a river, here you will find everything you need. Professionals will help you to choose a boat, equipment, they will help you to manage and service the vehicle and to organize your first travel. “Sea for all” is the most democratic event when talking about training of visitors.

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