Outdoorama Novi

If you are not interested in prestigious yachts and one-day sails 5 to 20 kilometers away from the shore, if you do not like traditional vacation with «all inclusive» hotels, than Outdoorama Novi exhibition is not for you.

The main topics of the festival are fishing, «silent» and ordinary hunting, boating and canoeing, ornithology. Yes, you got it right: even though «silent hunting» is not that widespread in USA it has its fans. They can not only walk to the forest but also attend informative seminars at the festival.

Outdoorama Novi takes place in Michigan in the end of February and the beginning of March. On the coast visitors can take some rest, see the newest boats models, buy various accessories and equipment to travel on the sea and on the land.

This festival is not that commercial as those boat shows that take place on the ocean shore and are visited by hundreds of thousands of people. It is created for those who loves the nature, does not want to conquer it, but would like to enjoy its gifts. Organizers chose an open air venue and claimed attracting the audience to such leisure time their goal. The festival worth coming as you can treat yourself with an amazing vacation and do some useful shopping.

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