Palm Beach International Boat Show

Only 100 kilometers from Miami, to the North from the Bahamas you will find a small cozy town where tens of thousands of yachtsmen, fishermen and simply fans of motorized and sailing vessels gather annually in the end of March.

They are not attracted by huge snow-white beaches of Florida or long and narrow as the river water barrier between Palm Beach and West Palm Beach that will allow even the biggest yacht to pass. They are attracted by a an interesting event. Show as Americans say.

But Palm Beach International Boat Show has not a lot in common with a regular exhibition. Yes, you will have to look around attentively and will not be able to stop for a minute to bypass all  the venue which occupies the area of thirty football fields only on the land by the way. Here you will find almost one thousand of different boats: from inflatable boats that are tiny in comparison with the show scale to luxury super yachts.

Palm Beach Boat Show is a festival where the professionals can meet, business sharks can negotiate. It is also a large-scale entertaining platform for you, your wife and children. However, the family can always be sent away to the nearest beach, to the sculpture park of West Palm Beach or to the one of the Florida shopping centers.

Just saying…

In 2015 the festival celebrated its thirtieth anniversary. It is not a lot for the human, but a very mature age for an exhibition. The celebration passed in the regular mode. However, it did not deprive the participants and the audience of festive mood. All the forty thousand people that came here from the 26th to the 29th of March and that increased the population of Palm Beach in almost one and a half times could plunge into the world of voyages, fishing and luxury accessories. More than one thousand boats were presented here in this anniversary year, and that is not the limit.

All aboard!

Open the map, specify West Palm Beach destination in your navigation system, and start your engine. You can be sure that neither the travel itself nor its final point will disappoint you.

The venue of a boat festival is traditionally divided into several compartments where yachts, motor, inflatable, fishing boats and accessories are placed. Exhibition stands are located at each platform. If the size allows vehicles are located on the land, if not – on the water. Organizers pay attention to ordinary participants who would like to brag of  their «treasures” as yachtsmen are able to exhibit (and meanwhile to moor) their boats at a separate platform.

Choose yourself what to look for. Show is visited regularly by owners and manufacturers of hundred-feet yachts, the fastest, the most expensive and the most modern vehicles are coming here yearly, every March the latest systems capable to upgrade almost any boat are presented here.

Everyone gets what he wants!

Everyone can find what he looks for here: on a boat show you will find what to do. TBeginners can choose the perfect boat on his skills and budget. Experienced yachtsman will share experience, will show oneself and will look at others, will find the new equipment.

High-speed vehicles adjoin here cruisers ships, cruise ships adjoin fishing boats, sailing yachts that are the perfect copies of the ships from era of great geographical discoveries adjoin ultramodern made from composite, with two or three motors and intellectual control systems, and inflatable boats adjoin mega yachts. Everyone will find an interesting vehicle and an interesting company for oneself.

The boat show in Palm Beach has interwove into itself about dozens of corporate, professional, scientific and semi-scientific events. Conferences and buffet receptions “for those in the club”, master classes and concerts are held annually.

Start your engine, straighten sails, book plane tickets if you have not buy the boat capable to cross the ocean yet, and come to the show. You will definitely not be bored.

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