Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show

In Sanctuary Cove in Australia at the very end of spring one of the largest, fascinating and interesting international boat show is carried out.

At this exhibition about five hundred boats are presented, thousands of types of the equipment and accessories find the place at stands and trading floors of dealers and producers yearly. All this is located in one big venue where kayaks and yachts for million dollars adjoin.

Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show is an event that everybody will like. It will please everybody and will create an excellent impression for everybody in your family. While you examine boats and communicate with adherents while, sit at a seminar or study how to control the boat on a master class, your children will be able to spend time in a children’s zone playing games and competing, and your spouse can take part in a culinary show, walk along a main deck of the VIP-boat, to see celebrities and to take the autograph. It won’t be boring for anybody!

The festival takes four days, and it is possible not only to arrive by plane here, but also to come on own boat. By the way, a lot of yachtsmen prefer to combine visiting yacht exhibitions with cruises also.

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