Singapore Yacht Show

What can the small island offer to yachting professionals? What the country without enough of territory and sufficient resources can brag about? As the history shows such countries can show a lot. For example, such a country can organize one of the most renown, interesting and amazing yacht shows not only in the region but also in the world.

Singapore Yacht Show is a unique event that can be interesting to anyone. Even if you have never sailed, you should visit this festival, and you will get unforgettable impressions.

There are boat shows that fit more to an «exhibition» concept and that represent, in fact, official and serious events. And there are those that combine conferences and expositions with entertainment programs. Yacht show in Singapore is one of them.

It is an open-air exhibition that takes place in most of the cases in the end of April. At this time thousands of people and hundreds of companies come here. It is possible to see magnificent yachts, to visit parties, to ride a supercar and to buy handmade jewelry here.

Singapore Yacht Show is held, first of all, for tourists. Even for those who never thought about purchasing a yacht. This show was designed to increase the number of the yachtsmen and people who are in love with the sea.

Guests of the show

At the exhibition you will be able to meet the best engineers and designers of the world, representatives of shipyards and companies in one or another way connected with the yacht industry. Connoisseurs of super yachts come here yearly to brag their own boats and to buy another novelty for the collection. There are a lot of novelties on this yacht show and the special place among them is taken by exclusive yachts.

You can see a lot of celebrities in Singapore. Stars of show business and the renown yachting come here.

Vanity fair

Singapore Yacht Show can be compared with a boat show in Dubai: magnificent cars, and luxury hotels, and the most expensive restaurants with fine cuisine wait for you here. Besides yachts you can purchase objects of art, jewelry and cars here. Of course, it is difficult for Singapore to compete with sophisticated luxury of the Emirates, but you can feel real style and class here.

This show is worth coming not only to amateur or professional of yachting. Visiting Singapore will be useful and beneficial, and bring a lot of impressions to a regular person, a tourist who is eager to find a new hobby.

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