St. Louis Boat & Sportshow

Mach is marked with several events that are very important for the potential boat owner. St. Louis Boat & Sportshow is among them. It is a festival that brings joy and happiness to the yachtsmen’s life thanks to the premiers and thought-through program for more than 60 years.

This show will be beloved not only by yachtsmen. St. Louis itself is situated far from the oceans at the shoreline of river Missouri, and the highest attention here is paid to the boats that are dedicated to be used at inland waters such as lakes and rivers. Of course the manufacturers of the large boats and equipment for them come here as well (massively) along with those who produce the inventory for any water sport existing. But for those who live far from the seashore and do not have to leave for a long time this show has a lot to suggest.

First of al, it is a chance to look at the novelties of yacht industry. Not only yachts and boats, but also electronic systems, security systems and accessories. Secondly, the chance to choose and buy tackling for fishing and equipment for hunting as their manufacturers are represented at the show as well. Thirdly, one can get new experience and new skills while visiting seminars and master classes.

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