St Louis RV Vacation and Travel Show

Experienced yachtsman and one who is only willing to buy a boat has to visit St Louis RV Vacation and Travel Show. It is not only a boat show, it is an event that covers all the leisure activities, tourism and other areas that are present in everyone’s life.

Here you can find a boat, jet-ski or yacht. You will not find here mega yachts or technological novelties – you can see them on more specialized events. St Louis RV Vacation and Travel Show is a very large scale exhibition that includes exhibits in the areas of tourism, sport (including water sports), automobiles, hobby, construction and designing the house, meals and drinks. Of course boats are presented here as well.

It can seem surprising but the leading yacht manufacturers are also present on the show. It is an exiting opportunity for them to increase an audience and got those clients that do not own a boat for now, but are ready to do this big step.

Audience of that market (and boat show in St Louis can be considered as a market) will be able to find any equipment for the leisure time without leaving the venue. You can also buy a tour and hire a guide, visit a concert and participate in competitions.

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