Stockholm International Boat Show

Yacht festival that takes place in the beginning of March not that far from the Russian border in another European country – Sweden- and is eight days long can attract your attention thanks to the large amount of manufacturers and exhibits presented. At the Stockholm international boat show hundreds of small companies that produce yacht equipment and appliances come together. Novelties and old beloved models of the motor and sailing boats from the biggest companies from all over the world are presented.

Stockholm International Boat Show has all chances to become the biggest show in the region. Even now one cannot call it small: hundreds of square meters of the festival are occupied by the yachts, boats, motorboats, ski-jets, stands with diving and windsurfing equipment, water skis, cloths and much more.

Stokholm International Boat Show stopped in its development for some time and did not expand for several years. But situation has changed and the visitors that arrived here in March were pleasantly surprised.

Visiting the exhibition can be alternated with excursions at the picturesque European city, but the chances that you will have time for a walk are very small as the festival itself is extremely interesting.

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