Strictly Sail Chicago

February is very fruitful for boat shows. Almost all over the world at the same time about a dozen of festivals take place. Most of those are rather large. One of them is Strictly Sail Chicago.

This festival welcomed about 250 participants and more than twenty thousands of visitors even in the years 2008-2009 when the whole economy and yacht sector in particular experienced crisis. This was an amazing result for such a difficult period. A record that was bet by this show itself not once afterwards.

The show is not only about novelties and seminars. At this festival one can buy a boat, equipment, accessories and souvenirs. It is a host for more than a hundred of events that are dedicated to teaching and exchanging the experience between the yachtsmen. A beginner would also find something to do as there are so many expositions at this exhibition that it is barely possible to see everything in four days. Professionals will also like it as Strictly Sail Chicago presents some novelties to the visitors.

The exhibition is dedicated mainly to the sailboats. There are several hundreds of such boats at this show, all are hand-made from wood using the newest equipment with plastic details.

Sailing is a technically difficult sport, and organizers took a proper care that there would be a lot of classes and master-classes for visitors.

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