Ultimate Sport Show – Grand Rapids

Show takes place in Grand Rapids, Michigan in the last decade of March. Please do remember that you can visit one of the oldest, large-scale, and interesting exhibitions at your convenience.

Ultimate Sport Show is not a traditional yacht show. This is a sportive show that will be interesting for those who have their own yacht  and would like to take part in the competitions as well as for those who likes interesting events.

However, we are not talking about regattas or races here: show in Grand Rapids is devoted to some other directions. First of all, it is fishing, hunting, collecting mushrooms and going on kayaks and canoes, and also some other sports and active recreation. Event is held downtown, at the large venue that is capable to accommodate thousands of people. Every year show extends.

At a festival goods for active recreation and fishing, boats and accessories for those who prefer family entertainment will be presented. It is possible to take all your family to the show: interesting program, events for each family member and enormous opportunities for shopping. Despite being 70-years old this festival attracts youth.

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