Wind and Water Boat Show

Former Soviet countries do not suggest a large variety of boat shows with the long history. Only in 1990-1991  the first festivals started to be organized for the boats owners and manufacturers, initially unofficially. One of those shows that is probably the oldest in this part of the world is Wind and Water Boat Show.

«Wind and water» is a lyric name that fits the best to this boat show despite the main event is actually happening far away from the sea at the expo center EXPO XXI (Warsaw). In the beginning of February representatives of manufacturers come from all over the Europe. This exhibition is visited from time to time by the Russian manufacturers as well.

This event suggest various exhibits in many areas. Equal attention is paid to the motorboats, that are very popular today, and to the sailboats inclusive light ones and canoe. Those who love speed, amateur fishermen and fans of water sports will find what they need here. Enterprises that are specialized on the equipment (for example motors) and accessories for leisure time on water.

«Wind and water» is a show that is very famous in the business circles and among those who cannot think about their life without water and traveling. If you have vacation in the midst of February, you have to spend some days at this event – you will be very satisfied.

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