CCN Explorer Phileas 35M Super Mega Yacht

The CCN Explorer Phileas 35M: A New Breed of Ship

CCN Explorer Phileas 35M | Atlantic Yacht and ShipCCN-Cerri Cantieri Navali and Andrea Vallicelli & C. came together and designed the marvelous CCN Explorer Phileas 35M. The aesthetics were provided by Andrea Vallicelli & C. while the technical aspects where the ideas of the Cerrii Cantieri Navali team. Together, they formed a vessel known for its dexterity, straightforwardness, flexibility, and functionality. It is a motor yacht designed completely of metal, with a tall tensile steel hull and light-weight aluminum alloy superstructure. It was made with the concept of simplicity in mind. They made sure to avoid  unnecessary complications that yacht designers with exaggerated features and styles usually are faced with. Instead they picked a timeless look, featuring clean lines that form a simplistic blend of features that  re unique to explorer and working vessels. It is very well-lit yacht, due to the careful design choices and a clever lighting system. The natural light shines through prominently and it has an  incomparable panoramic view. There are multiple floor to ceiling windows to achieve the best effect. Its design cleverly expresses that it is best used in a marine environment. The layout of the  yacht was chosen to allow the most effective use of the space available on the vessel. The modular aluminum superstructure makes this possible and allows for easy adaptation throughout.  different clientele may have different needs, and most can be accommodated with the CCN Explorer Phileas 35M. In traditional systems, the modifications would prove to be more difficult. The CCN Explorer Phileas 35M: A Designer’s Dream

CCN Explorer Phileas 35M 2The CCN Explorer Phileas 35M is very flexible and offers a variety of alternate layouts. In addition to its modular system the straight sides and crews quarters towards the middle of the ship allow for the purchaser to pick from numerous choices for the rest of the layout that would suit their needs best. The standard layout is available with three to five staterooms that can be tailored based on needs. For the owner’s personal desires, the ship has been designed to be very versatile. It can be made to adapt to the specific needs of the owner and varying conditions of usage. There are optional special fittings such as the ice class steel hull and the hybrid propulsion system. It can be used comfortably for long sea voyages, or calming day cruises. The choice is yours.

The CCN Explorer Phileas 35M: A Technical Marvel

CCN Explorer Phileas 35M | Atlantic Yacht and ShipThe CCN Explorer Phileas 35M was made with cutting edge technology which is crucial to apply to yacht designs in today’s world. In order to optimize navigation and seakeeping, the technology and architecture really have to be state of the art. Hull and engine efficiency are key to saving on fuel consumption for your voyage. The fuel tanks and waste water tanks are high capacity which makes it possible to stop less on your voyage, steering clear of crowded marinas and tough ports. Every aspect of the design process was carefully thought out by utilizing sensible principles to get real results. Technical areas offer complete safety, and the crew won’t be hindered by guests trying to get through tight spaces. Guests have complete privacy away from the crew, making it more convenient for them, while allowing the crew to get their jobs done.

Hull High tensile steel
Superstructure Aluminum
LOA 34.80 m / 118’ ft
Length between perpendicular 34.50 m / 117’ ft
Beam moulded 7.60 m / 25’ ft
Full load draft 2.40 m / 8’ ft
Displacement full load 260 t
Gross tonnage 298 GRT
Top speed 14 knots
Cruising speed 12 knots
Range at cruising speed 4,000 nm
Main engines 2 x MTU 8V 2000 M72
Rating 2 x 720 kW (965 HP) @ 2.250 rpm *
Fuel 50,000 litres / 13,208 US gallons
Fresh water 10,000 litres / 2,641 US gallons
Grey & Black water 6,000 litres / 1,585 US gallons
Exterior design A. Vallicelli & C. Yacht Design
Interior design A. Vallicelli & C. Yacht Design
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