CRN Oceansport Super Mega Yacht

CRN Oceansport | Atlantic Yacht and ShipThe CRN Oceansport was developed by Omega Architects and CRN. The interior, exterior, and the concept design were created by Omega Architects and the engineering department at CRN worked to create the naval architecture and engineering required to create this extravagant vessel. It is all metal and utilizes a high tensile steel hull and a light aluminum alloy for the superstructure. All yachts in the Oceansport range are completely customizable and are considered pleasure vessels to those who own them. They are very reliable and aesthetically pleasing luxury yachts. They all have a single shared concept look, as they are trying to make an iconic image for themselves to stand out among the other mega yachts. They strive to be the most prestigious and exclusive of all yachts available. It has a near vertical prow, solid appearance, and a sporty image that is very appealing to the eye. Its low profile and lengthy lines, along with sinuous forms give it an enchanting look. Large continuous windows on the main and upper decks give it an elegant appearance. Between the hull and the super structure there is visual continuity that creates a harmony throughout. The swimming area in the back has a sloping arch profile that runs all the way to the side of the ship on the main deck. The beach club area with its wellness and fitness area is one feature that was concentrated on when creating this masterpiece. It has a sauna, swimming pool, gym, and a sunbathing area- in addition to an impressive private balcony. One of the real symbols of CRN is the mega panoramic sky lounge and the floor to ceiling windows that are strategically placed throughout the vessel for impressive natural lighting. All models in the new range of vessels are designed for maximum comfort and privacy in both social and secluded areas.

CRN Oceansport | Atlantic Yacht and ShipThere are three different sizes in the Oceansport range. The CRN Oceansport 52 is 52 meters long and has a naval platform with a width of 10 meters. The Oceansport 61 is 61 meters long with a width of 11 meters, and the Oceansport 75 has a length of 75 meters and a width of 13 meters. All three models have an optional helipad feature on the foredeck. The standard layout has a tender garage and two side openings in the front of the main deck. All three models have a standard layout spread across four decks, but there are differences in the accommodations for guests, staff, and crew.

CRN Oceansport | Atlantic Yacht and ShipThe 52 can accommodate a crew of 10, and a layout that consists of room for 12 guests. The 61 can accommodate a crew of 14 and has room for 12 guests. The 75 can fit up to 22 crew members and 12 guests, and two different layouts are offered for the lower deck. This first has five different double guest cabins and a VIP cabin, and the second has four guest cabins that each have a private bathroom. One is a double, one is a twin that can be turned into a double, and the other two are VIP cabins with lounging areas.

Shipyard CRN S.p.A.
Model CRN 52 m
Material: Hull / Superstructure Steel / Aluminium
Type Displacement hull, vertical bow
LOA 52.0 m
Beam 10.00 m
Depth to main deck 5.30 m
Draft full load 2.90 m
Draft full load under propeller 2.90 m
Displacement full load 635 ton
Gross tonnage > 500 GT
Guest N° 12 (1 Owner suite + 5 Vip cabins)
Crew N° 10 Fuel tank 70’000 litres
Fresh water tank 16’000 litres
Engines 2 x Caterpillar C32 1081 kW @ 2300 rpm
Main generators 2 x 125 Ekw @ 50 Hz
Max speed (half load) 15.0 knots
Cruising speed 14.0 knots
Range at 11 knots 3’800 nm
Naval architecture CRN ENGINEERING
Exterior design OMEGA ARCHITECTS
Classification Lloyd’s Register of Shipping
LR ✠ 100 – A1 – SSC – “Y”, MONO, G6, ✠ LMC
MCA LY3 compliance
Stabilization at anchor 2 x Zero speed fins stabilizers
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