Mondomarine M40 Explorer Super Mega Yacht

yp37_Mondomarine_4The Mondomarine M40 Explorer is an Italian creation made with the utmost mastery. From its initial design to the actual construction of the vessel, no expense or luxury is spared. Every aspect of the yacht is specially designed and no detail is left unturned. Just as an example regarding detail: Because of the yachts uncommon hull shape, the tender has even been designed to mirror it! This is really pleasing to the eye, but it is even more substantial from a technical perspective. It was developed by using refined simulation along with CFD software and the results were confirmed by a sequence of dynamic tank tests. It showed efficient navigation and reduced fuel consumption. It also reduces pollutants due to the increase in range, and reflects the company’s consideration for the environment.

yp37_Mondomarine_1The Mondomarine M40 Explorer was created to set sail with the best of them. Its design is more aligned with the new market of motor yachts with its advanced technical and operational characteristics. It is still a working vessel with a great deal of power, but it also has the sophistication and comfort that is in demand in the new market. It features the latest trends and the design is pleasing to the eye both inside and outside.

The vessel features a full displacement hull and the prow is high above the water line. Its structure ensures that it is extremely stable when in motion for maximum passenger safety (even in extreme conditions).

yp37_Mondomarine_2The engineering and engines themselves are highly capable of pursuing long voyages if you choose to do so. It is specifically designed for long voyages, although that is not it’s only use. Daily trips are a piece of cake for this beauty and will surely entertain all those that you choose to bring along with you for the ride. There are a multitude of storage and cooling areas in consideration of longer trips. Private family cruising is her specialty, along with any other requirements that her owner may have.

The bridge deck takes up the whole beam of the superstructure and features more than 180 degree visibility to the horizon, with acknowledgments to the fly bridge and outer helm stations. For the foredeck, a high safeguard was designed that offers protection in the steering area. Transport vessels have their own garaging area in large open spaces that are covered.

Long sleek lines adorn the yacht on the exterior design and the interior offers a spacious layout. There are large indoor areas, along with huge outdoor areas for your convenience. The indoor areas feature an immense amount of natural lighting and panoramic views that can take your breath away, while the outdoor areas really allow you to become on with the marine environment. The layout boasts luxury and prestige throughout, and it great for open air living. Complete privacy and ultimate relaxation make for a really balanced experience for all to enjoy. This vessel is sure to impress, while being functional and comfortable at the same time.

Hull Steel
Superstructure Light Alloy
LOA 39.68 m
BOA 8.50 m / 27’88’’ ft
Draft 2.70 m / 7’54’’ ft
Maximum speed 14 knots
Cruising speed 10,5 knots
Range at 10 knots 6,900 nm
Fuel capacity 75,000 litres
Fresh water tanks 8,500 litres
Main engines 2 x Caterpillar C32 Acert
Maximum power 2 x 746 kW at 1,600 RPM
International gross tonnage 430 GT
Class register Rina_C Hull ✠ Mach Ych Unrestricted Navigation
Flag Red Ensign – Compliance LY3
Naval architecture Sergio Cutolo – Hydro Tec & Mondomarine Engineering
Exterior design Sergio Cutolo – Hydro Tec
Interior design Umberto Fossati
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