Tankoa s501 Super Mega Yacht

The Tankoa s501: A Contemporary Luxury Yacht

Tankoa s501 | Atlantic Yacht and ShipMany technical professionals came together to create the Tankoa s501 to create a real luxury yacht. Their collaboration was priceless, and the result is amazing. The architecture and engineering was the handiwork of Massimo Visibelli and the interior and exterior designs came from the mind of Francesco Paszkowski. The interior also had the help of Margherita Casprini. The yacht has contemporary, bright style that gives the lavish interior a modern but welcoming feel. Decorations and furnishings are serene in color and presence adding to the aesthetic pleasure.

The Tankoa s501: Three Different ModelsTankoa s501 | Atlantic Yacht and ShipThe three different options that the shipyard offers each have different hull and engine combinations that affect the performance of the vessel. The displacement option has a full displacement hull and a low power engine with a top speed of 16 knots with a half load. The semi displacement hull option has a high power engine and a top speed of 27 knots with a half load. There Is also an additional displacement option that produces at top speed of 18 knots with a half load. Your choice depends on the power you require or desire to get to your destination. Both types of hulls have been tested over and over to achieve the best results. The light aluminum construction reduces the overall weight of the vessel and also reduces the amount of engine power required. This results in lower fuel usage, and less money out of pocket for your voyage. Both versions have a gross tonnage value below 500GT, which reduces overall operating costs.

The Tankoa s501: A Ground-Breaking YachtTankoa s501 | Atlantic Yacht and ShipGenerally speaking, the Tankoa s501 is a ground-breaking yacht, designed with your best interests in mind. It is compact in size, but offers most of the same amenities that its bigger counterparts have. It may even have a few additional tricks up its sleeves. It has the same comfort and facilities as those in the next class up, without the extra baggage. It is a well- balanced, aesthetically pleasing yacht that is elegant, comfortable, and gets the job done.

The Tankoa s501: A Yacht with Many Unique Features

There are many features that stand out on this model when looking at it in comparison to others. It has a plumb bow that has a hard extensive chine base and tall freeboards on top to help combat water spray while the yacht is in motion. The layout is also a bit different than other yachts of this size and offers various routes for owners and guests to maneuver from deck to deck with the most ease. This also prevents them from interfering with the crew while they are trying to work.

The Tankoa s501: Be at One with the SeaTankoa s501 | Atlantic Yacht and ShipThe vessel allows for those aboard to be at one with the sea. There is a constant visual of the ocean and large outdoor living spaces for those who wish to enjoy the outdoor beauty. There are three lounge and sunbathing areas with an optional Jacuzzi. There is also fold out balconies and floor to ceiling windows. Panoramic views span the vessel and the environment proves to be a beautiful one. The Tankoa s501 was a challenge for its designers, who tirelessly went over and over designs until the best one was created. But, it was worth it. This beauty has all the right features in all the right places and can easily hang with the bigger yachts.

Hull and superstructure light alloy 5083
LOA 49.90 m / 164’ ft
Beam (max) 9.40 m / 30’20” ft
Draft full load 2,20 m / 7’22” ft
Displacement lighship 301 ton
Displacement at half load 352 ton
Displacement at full load 392 ton
Fuel capacity 75.000 litres / 19.813 US gallons
Fresh water 15.000 litres / 3.960 US gallons
Classification Lloyds + MCA
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